Monday, October 24, 2011

this is how i get over it.

This is how i like my relationship with Him:

We were walking really fast to our car, i needed to go home and packed because i'm flying out of Hamburg in 3 hours.

Him: you alright?

Me: No!

Him: Why? What's wrong?

Me: You knew i have to go home and packed, and yet you just keep talking and talking(we bumped into his colleague), eventhough i've given you signals(keep looking at my watch)

Him: I'm really sorry, we can still make it...

Me: That's not it!! I feel left out because you keep talking about work bla bla and never include me in the conversation!!(it go on and on and on)

Him: I'm really sorry, come on, i apologise....

Me: (not talking and walking really fast)

2 mins later

Him: look, im really sorry......

Me: you cannot expect me to get over it so quickly!!

5-8 mins later

Him: (poking me) just checking, friend friend??(our code of forgiving each other)

Me: (start laughing)

And, we got over it.

I don't need to have candle lit dinners, or expensive gifts, but to know that we can get over whatever that happens so quickly, is romantic. (and i do appreciate your patience with me)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

short story 1

Sometime back in June:

This old lady was lining in front of me at McDonalds in the train station, she was trying to explained to the cashier/waitress what she wants to have, and this cashier/waitress looked really irritated and impatience because she was slow, and she didn't really know the proper terms (like Filet o Fish or mc Chicken), bless her.

I find it really sad to see how cruel people can be. She could've been more friendly, or at least helpful but instead, she put on this really annoyed face to this poor old lady.

She bought 2 cheese burgers, i didn't know if it was because she can't find a seat, or she prefered to stand, she stood there, slowly unwrapping her burger(i didn't want to stare) and start talking to herself(kind of), and then she took out a small bottle of sparkling wine(looks like) and shoveled down her throat like drinking water.

I didn't really know what i felt back there, but the image was kind of imprinted on my mind, and i can't seem to forget it.

Sadness? Maybe.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

more flowers.

I'm still obsessed with flowers, well, at least for the next few months until winter comes, and this is my humble little garden.

These are just the flowers i picked from the field....

when was the last time?

I've got myself a bike back in March from a local flea market for 38 euros. The reason i didn't want to spend too much money because i was afraid that i will be heartbroken if someone nicked mine, but it is one of the best 38 euros i've ever spent.

Living in a 4 seasons country for 7 years definitely teach me how to appreciate the sun more. Nothing beats chilling in the park with good magazines and sun shining down on your face.

We sometimes seem to forget how to appreciate the simplest thing in life after living in a city for too long. There is no need for fancy dinner nor fancy party, no extravagance, but, Just. Enjoy. Life.

When was the last time you stop whatever you are doing, and appreciated the smell of rain? or flowers?

When was the last time you enjoy a good book?

When was the last time you went for a run?

When was the last time you pick flowers from a field?

When was the last time you sit in a park and do nothing but to watch people walk by?

When was the last time you have a good laugh?

Life can be so wonderful if you just learn how to appreciate the simplest thing in life.

Monday, July 18, 2011

food, oh food.

Just a collection of food that i made over the months....

Jamie's chargrilled tuna with oregano oil, beans and peas.
No i'm not obsessed with Jamie, but i bought one of his many cook book years ago, and i thought i should start to 'use' it, instead of letting it rot on my bookshelf. Again, this is what i like about Jamie Oliver because everything is so easy to make, and quick, but you have to make sure you have fresh tuna, and don't let it over cooked, or make sure the fish monger cut the right size, and most importantly not too thick.

Summer tagliarini with pine nuts, lemon, pecorino and parmesan cheese
One of Jamie's too. I'm a fan of pine nuts, and thought this might be a good alternative to my home made pesto, but i was rather dissapointed with it, mainly due to i don't like Pecorino cheese, but i do like the chopped parshley and the lemony flavour and thought it was quite refreshing, i'm thinking to make a version with only Parmesan and not Pecorino, will keep you posted about the result.

Recipe from Mum with my own improvisation
I was walking in town one day, and suddenly have this cravings for prawns, so i walked into my expensive local fish monger and bought 450g of prawns(only 10 to be specified), and paid 20 euros for them. Very expensive.....and kind of regret when i walked out of the shop, but decided is worth it once in a while.
So, easy and quick: chopped up some garlic(2-3 cloves for 5 of my BIG/ENORMOUS prawns), and slice up ginger and sauteed together until fragrant, add light and dark soy sauce, wine and sugar last. Done, and i garnish with some coriander....(if you have chilli is even better, cut it really small and add it together with ginger and garlic.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birthday plan.

We have a plan. We(me and a good friend) are going for a massage in the morning, then follow by a nice lunch, and then maybe mani/pedicure... Yes, you are right, i'm not going to work, and i'm going to enjoy My day, get spoiled and pampered which i wasn't able to for the last few years.

i'm 5 mins shy of 27. Is it going to be a good year? well, i'm going to make it a good year.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

just something to share:

something i picked up from an Dunhill ad:

-i just knew i wanted to see more of life. I'd never felt particularly British, but the funny thing about spending a long time abroad is that makes you feel more British. Overseas, people know the english accent if you sound like David Niven, but if you don't sound like that, as far as they're concerned you could be Australian. So you spend a lot of your time talking about where you come from, you've almost giving yourself a crash course in who you are. You get more of a sense of yourself, somehow, than you had when were back home surrounded by people who are similar to you. (Harland Miller, artist and author)

-It's so simple: if you have a talent, you have a duty to use it to the full. (Sir David Frost)